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Q. 5 Discuss the nature and types of secondary data
sources. Also discuss the data research procedure.

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Is it comfortable to work under a team leader?

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How to make the waste industrial oil reusable

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they can ask me why u rejected next time or not?

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i have 7 year experience in pharma as medical representative you are fresher for area salse manager why we shoud slect you for ABM in our organization?

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what is your career plan

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what is marketing ?

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if ur working in a supermarket what tools and techiniques will u use in data collection?how r u going to analysis the data and make inferences? how will u finally apply ur market research to improve sales and win over customers?

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What percentage increase in sales did you contribute to you previous companies?

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What is marketing mix?

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Suppose if you decided to delegate what type of instructions would you give your staff?

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why most of the corporate sector follow the princeple-that in specificaly marketing-it is found that the superior use nasty words when they guide to their subordinates.what Except this there is no sollution of target fulfillment in business ?

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What do you like the most in this job?

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