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How to increase the specific gravity of DG batteries?

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How to increase the specific gravity of DG batteries?..

Answer / pratheesh

By adding the electrolite in the cell.
Means if it is a Lead Acid battery, Add Diluted Sulphuric
Acid(H2SO4) in the electrolyte.
If it is a Nickel Cadmium battery, Add Potassium Hydroxide
(KOH) in the electrolyte.

By adding distilled water, electrolyte becomes more thin
and its specific gravity will go less.

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How to increase the specific gravity of DG batteries?..

Answer / rasmi ranjan sutar

By adding some quantity of h2so4 acid and charge the
battary for some hours.

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How to increase the specific gravity of DG batteries?..

Answer / mohd mansoor

If u want to maintain specific gravity of batteries, fill
the distilled water in the battery cells.

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How to increase the specific gravity of DG batteries?..

Answer / gopal lal

added proper quality of H2SO4 and Charged the battery slow
charging of 72hrs or 84 hrs after chaging the battery
checked the battery electrolite gravity. ( Gravity is
1200kg/ltr to 1280 kg/ltr)

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How to increase the specific gravity of DG batteries?..

Answer / m.nagaraja(ofcc,oman)

When the specific Gravity will becomes less?- because of
charger is failure,and poor electrolight sulution.If it is
level of solution is ok,Then cahrging is necessary,need not
wants to add dilute sulpueic acid/distiilled water.If it is
level is less or spefic gravity is beyond limit ,necessary
to add distilled water.
As my knowledge should not add dilut selphuric scid in
Battery,Only topping up distilled water is enough.
If it if dead battery -if 1.25 specific gravity solution
adding,can you use for on load as like a normal battery?

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