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what is check point and restart Logic ? why do we go for
that ??

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what is check point and restart Logic ? why do we go for that ??..

Answer / milky

Checkpoint-Restart logic is used when your program performs
a large number of database updates or inserts. If you want
to process and insert say 1000 records in a table, and your
program abends at 726th record, then if the checkpoint
frequency has been set to 100, then, on restart the program
will start processing from 701th record as each processing
of 100 records results in a COMMIT.

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what is check point and restart Logic ? why do we go for that ??..

Answer / harsha

check point and restart logic are mainly used when our
table has 1000 records and we are getting abend after 100
records and we want to start the execution after 100th
record we use this.for this we have to use check points for
every 100 records

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