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What is diffrenece between Installation and Commissing ????

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What is diffrenece between Installation and Commissing ????..

Answer / raminder pal singh

installing means just install any device or machine in
without working condition.
and commissioning means to run that same machine or device
that was installed. to convert that dead machine into
working condition properly according to the desired
paramaters on safe condition is known as commissioning

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What is diffrenece between Installation and Commissing ????..

Answer / mecheng

Installation is the process of placing, positioning, building and connecting equipment in its proposed and design nominated location in accordance with design specifications.

Commissioning is the start up of the equipment for the first time. It is when you run the equipment and carry out tests to verify it is running as intended i.e. to design specifications. Commissioning tests are normally run against a design data baseline. Commissioning also includes things like checking oil levels, fluid levels, temperatures, pressures and for general issues that are contradictory to the intended correct operation of the equipment.

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What is diffrenece between Installation and Commissing ????..

Answer / sat

installation is just installing ya
according to req specs, level check etc
commissioning is not just running
commissioning is when whole system is ready to start
they hav date or ommissioning before which verythin should
be ready
commissioning is done means it is already running in the
aactual bussiness pocess ie production

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What is diffrenece between Installation and Commissing ????..

Answer / phai

installation means just we place the machine ideally.
commissioning means we have to make to machine to run
that means we have to check whether the machine is running
properly or not . otherwise is there any leaks or whether
we are getting our desire parameters or not.

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