why we done superheated steam in to saturated steam.

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why we done superheated steam in to saturated steam...

Answer / shashi

Specific volume of a superheated steam is much greater than
that of saturated steam. Hence, comparatively much more
power can be generated using superheated steam. Also higher
degree of superheat ensures higher dryness fraction of
vapour mixture at the turbine outlet, thus prevent the
turbine from damage.

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why we done superheated steam in to saturated steam...

Answer / hiren kathrotiya

after saturation if we continue to heating then volume of
steam as well as degree of superheat is increase so energy
content of steam is increase which ultimately increase the

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why we done superheated steam in to saturated steam...

Answer / majid

for incresing efficiency

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why we done superheated steam in to saturated steam...

Answer / shobhit kesarwani

conversion of saturated steam to superheated steam for incresing efficincy of vapour power plant . but question is covesion of conversion of superheated to seturated steam for increasing humidity in air in refrigeration field.

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