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what does layout means in terms of Ab Initio?

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what does layout means in terms of Ab Initio?..

Answer / ck

Layout is where the Program ( component) runs.
Based on the layout given Abinitio Tries to run on that
Physical location.

way to give layouts: from neibhoring Component.
URL : like $AI_SERIAL ( amonut point
location /opt/apps/ppl/serial)
Database : where database runs..

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what does layout means in terms of Ab Initio?..

Answer / nag

Lay out in abinitio it will tell the component where to

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what does layout means in terms of Ab Initio?..

Answer / anne

When we click the property of the component as last column
we ll ve layout.
In layout when we click the URL.Where we can cleayly
mention it as serial or parallel.

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