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How to solved 818 error

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How to solved 818 error..

Answer / nimsatprasad

>> -818 time stamp mismatch.
>> This is generated when the consistency tokens in the
DBRM and the load module are different.
>> So rebind the Cobol+Db2 program then successfully we run
the program.

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How to solved 818 error..

Answer / steve

Check that the DBRMLIB being used in the bind has a time
stamp for the abending program that matches the LOADLIB.
Sometimes all we need to do is point to the correct
libraries. If that does not work then a rebind or
precompile, compile, relink and then rebind will work. The
last option always works, but many times an interviewer
wants to know if we understand what causes an -818. If we
just say we would recompile, link and bind we do not
demonstrate understanding of the root cause.

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How to solved 818 error..

Answer / as

I guess rebinding wont help in this scenario (because
rebind doesnt genearate new consistency tokens). We need to
pre-compile and compile the program again.

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How to solved 818 error..

Answer / guest

-818 is a plan with matching contoken is missing. A bind of
the required DBRM/package to a plan will solve the problem.

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