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Use of Future dated payments?

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Use of Future dated payments?..

Answer / munna

future date payment its nothing but like as advance its reduce the amount transaction level and its main use of doing that transaction ,conformed order for seller and finally prepare the againest dr/cr memo based on trancastion

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Use of Future dated payments?..

Answer / swathi

Future dated payments is a feature in payables to make the
payments which are future dated

for this first you have to define a bank and bank accounts
and in payable documents, allow future dated payments.

Schedule a payment for a future date using the payable
documents enabled for future date.

Send it to your supplier

your supplier deposits it in a bank

The bank releases the payment on maturity

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Use of Future dated payments?..

Answer / ravi chandra

Future Dated Payments are nothing but similar to post dated
cheques. Its like a standing instruction to your banker to
issue payements on specified dates.

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Use of Future dated payments?..

Answer / mst

future dated payments journals when will get creates

pls any one tell


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