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What is the difference between PO default and quick match?

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What is the difference between PO default and quick match?..

Answer / prasad

PO Default basically u need to enter the PO will
automatically derive the suppliers name,no,site and then u
can match to any shipment & distribution level of the
particular PO.

Where as in Quick match once u update the PO no,it will
automatically prompt to match with the each shipment details
of the PO.else you can override the options as well

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What is the difference between PO default and quick match?..

Answer / kranthioracle

PO Default:
When you select this Invoice type system asks
you to enter the PO number with which you can match. If this
number is not given, you cannot proceed further.we use
this PO Default only we know the PO to be used to match
while entering invoice.

quick match:
if the system has to match automatically to all
the shipments of a PO, we use this type of invoice,moreover
it builds distribution from PO .


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