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what is the receipt class and receipt source in AR?

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what is the receipt class and receipt source in AR? ..

Answer / rajasekhar

Receipt Class:receipt classes to specify whether receipts
are created manually or automatically. For manual receipts,
you can specify whether to automatically remit it to the
bank and/or clear your accounts. For automatic receipts,
you can specify a remittance and clearance method, and
whether receipts using this class require confirmation

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what is the receipt class and receipt source in AR? ..

Answer / ks

Receipt Class: You can assign a receipt class to a receipt
source. Receivables derives the default receipt class from
the Receipt Source for this batch. When you define a
receipt class in the Receipt Classes window, you specify
whether to create remittances for receipts with this class
and whether you want to track when they clear after running
the Automatic Clearing program. Receivables only lets you
select receipt classes that you defined with a Creation
Method of 'Manual'.


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what is the receipt class and receipt source in AR? ..

Answer / suresh

receipt class:- it will determine receipt creation method remittance method clearance method receipt method and bank account for receipts 

receipt source:-it will determine receipt class receipt method bank account for receipts and numbering for batch receipts

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what is the receipt class and receipt source in AR? ..

Answer / guest

In Receipt class we define type of Receipt, creation
method, if it require remittance, clearnce type, payment

Receipt sources we souce how the receipt number should be
generated and if receipt numbers should inherit transaction
numbers, and if Debti memos should also inherit transaction

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