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With example & diagram explain AutoPostBack.

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With example & diagram explain AutoPostBack...

Answer / vinforum

For understanding AutoPostBack, we need to know , what a

Then, what is AutoPostBack, Autopostback is the mechanism,
by which the page will be posted
Back to the server automatically based on some events in the
web controls. In some of the web controls, the property
called auto post back, which if set to true, will send the
request to the server when an event happens in the control

For example.

Dropdown Box (Combo box) web control has the property
autopostback, if we set the property to true, when ever user
selects a different value in the combo box, and event will
be fired in the server. i.e. a request will be send to the

Why we need to send a request to the server in this case?
Consider this scenario where the web page is used for
entering the user information. The page contains two combo
box controls State and Town. When user selects the state,
the appropriate towns should be filled in the town combo box
which is loaded from the database. For achieving this
requirement, we can set the autopostback property of state
combo box to true. If we do that we can handle the event in
the server side and write code to populate the town combo
box with the values from the database.

This is how we use the autopostback property. I will give
another example for the autopostback usage with another
control which will give much better understanding.

Consider a login page, which contains text fields User ID,
User Name and Password fields. User name text box will not
be editable. So the requirement will be like this, when user
enters the user id and clicks tab, his name should be
displayed in the User Name text field. For achieving this we
have to make autopostback property of the user id textfield
to true and handle the event in the server side, In the
event handler, we have to write code to fetch the user name
from the database for the user id ,which we will be getting
from the user id text box.

How it is happening?

Whenever we set autopostback attribute to true in any of the
controls, the .net framework will automatically insert few
code in to the HTML generated to implement this functionality.

These are the additional items that the framework will
inject to the HTML source for implementing autopostback event.

a. A Java script method with name __doPostBack (eventtarget,
b. Two Hidden variables with name __EVENTTARGET and
c. OnChange JavaScript event to the control

We will discuss one by one of these new entries.


These two controls are added to the HTML source, when ever
any autopostback attribute is set to true for any of the web

The __EVENTTARGET hidden variable will tell the server
,which control actually does the server side event firing so
that the framework can fire the server side event for that

The __ EVENTARGUMENT variable is used to provide additional
event information if needed by the application, which can be
accessed in the server.

b. __doPostBack (eventtarget, eventargument)

Why the framework is inserting this method to the HTML
source, and what it really does. This method is inserted to
the HTML source to implement the autopostback functionality.
This method will submit the form, when ever called. The two
parameters in this method i.e. eventtarget and eventargument
do the actual work of selecting the control to fire the event.

Eventtarget will contain the name of the control which
initiates the post back event, and event arguments will
contain the additional parameters needed for the event.
(Refer to the previous block).

This method will set the value of the __EVENTTARGET hidden
variable with the eventtarget parameter and __ EVENTARGUMENT
value with the eventargument parameter.

The next activity is to submit the form, so that in the
server side, the framework will check for the name of the
control in the __EVENTTARGET hidden variable and will fire
the appropriate event.

c. OnChange event.

This event is added by the framework to any of the control
where autopostback is set to true, this method will fire the
client side OnChange event and calls the __doPostBack event
with the name of the control where the OnChange event is

For e.g. If we set autopostback = true to a textfield with
id myTextField, then the HTML for the test field will look
like this.

name="myTextField" OnChange="__doPostBack(' myTextField
','')" id=" myTextField

So whenever the OnChange event in client occurs, the
doPostBack method will be called with the name of the
Textfield as the first parameter.

This name will be set to the __EVENTARGUMENT hidden variable
by the __doPostBack JavaScript method and the form will be
submitted. In the server side the __EVENTARGUMENT hidden
variable will be checked and will take the textfield name
and the server side event for the same will be fired.

IsPostBack –

When we discuss about autopostback, we should have an
understanding of the IsPostBack property of Page class.
IsPostBack property is used by the Page to determine whether
the page is posted back from the client. If IsPostBack
property is false, then the page is loading for the first
time, and if false, then the request is because of some
event generated by web controls.
IsPostBack is used when we want to load some information
when the page loads, for e.g. if we want to load some
information from the database and show in the data grid in a
page for the first time, then we can load and bind the grid
in the page_load when IsPostBack property is false.

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With example & diagram explain AutoPostBack...

Answer / satish v itagi

In auto post back, validations in the control which caused
the post back only will be processed by server.

In Submit, all the validations in the page will be

This is main difference.

Use of too many post backs slows down the application, and
client may not get page when any error happens after post
back event is processed or during its process.

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