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Plz explain about MATCH/EXACT MATCH/IGNORE SPAGE in text
check points?

Plz explain about MATCH/EXACT MATCH/IGNORE SPAGE in text check points?..

Answer / sreelatha

Suppose if we have 100 records in the database.In that 100
records we have 3 records with name Johnsmith, John and
John smith.If we use exact match for Johnsmith only record
will come with name Johnsmith.if we use match 3 records
will come with name Johnsmith,John and John smith.If we use
ignore space 2 records will come with name Johnsmith and
John smith.Ignore space will ignore spaces when spaces are
present inbetween,exact match will check for the exact name
even it checks for the spaces too,match it checks only for
the keyword.suppose u use match for the word john it will
give 3 records with the above names.

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