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Hi I am from delhi, Now I can surely say that no
institution of QTP here in Delhi
After reading you people I want to get cry, from last six
month I am trying to learn QTP, I have knowledge too but
dont know VB Script. Now it appears that without learning
QTP no one can learn complete QTP, I want to get a formal
learning in QTP. Can you suggest me the best institution.
and please let me know the charges and span of the course
too. thanks in advance to you

Hi I am from delhi, Now I can surely say that no institution of QTP here in Delhi After reading y..

Answer / thirumala reddy

hey vb script is very easy to learn
if you want i can send u
just learn some basic script, thats enough for qtp
in qtp 10.0 (mostly by drag and drop we can create steps)

if any queries plz send to my mail

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