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SunGard Interview Questions
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Two cars, 15 km apart one is turning at a speed of 50kmph other at 40kmph . How will it take to two cars meet.

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What is self-referential integrity constraint ?

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what is a thread?

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Rate yourself in .NET and SQL ?

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About .NET Remoting and types of remoting ?

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How to do the "Exception Handling" in Winrunner ..... Give Me detail Practical approach....(Object Exception,TSL exception & Pop - up also).......?

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How do you handle data concurrency in .NET ?

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How u do the back end testing in QTP?

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Is the functional testing is a part of System testing. Are they same.

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what is the probability of a complete system distortion under high end low performing multiprocessor job?


Whatis the need of writing testcases? why don,t test the application without the testcases

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what the diff b/w verification and validation

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what is the difference between quality assurence and quality control

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if u find a bug and reported to devoloper, but he is not agree with ur openion what u will do,how u convince to them

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Waht is the diffrence between static testing and dynamic testing,what u do instatic testing as a black box test engineer

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