why do you want do mba?

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why do you want do mba?..

Answer / ishan

At my personal level i think MBA ia necessary before joinng
any organization because it give vast knowledge of working
of the organization structure and enables or inserts
necessary skills required for an employee to perform work
in the org. It may be in the department of Finance,
Humanresource, Marketing or any of the related departments.

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why do you want do mba?..

Answer / manish shinde

I want to do mba because doing mba will help me view things
from a broader perspective. It will also help me to manage
and control difficult situations. I think mba will be
helpful not just in business but also in day to day life
since it teaches you to be a good manager. I want to run my
own business in future and mba will be the best opportunity.

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why do you want do mba?..

Answer / vinod gupta

I want to do an MBA because, I want to learn to manage
business efficiently. To manage a business there is
requirement of skills which one can get through a very long
period of time.But the same skills one can learn in an MBA
college. The professor who teaching in MBA college learns
from there past experience which are very useful. Instead
of getting the initial skills from practical experience
which would take enough time, it would be better you get
those skills from an MBA.

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why do you want do mba?..

Answer / mahima

in my view i need an MBA because after working as a fresher
in a firm as a sales engineer i felt an mba degree would
help me understand sales and marketing in an organisation
at a much better level, it would enlighten me with not only
learning skills but also let me understand what i am doing
right now better thereby help me acheive my dream of
opening a consultany later in life

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why do you want do mba?..

Answer / jois

It gives an integrated thought precess ability to interlink
many facets of business and helps him take effective and
efficient decisions in an organisation / firm in which he
will join as Manager.

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why do you want do mba?..

Answer / prachi singhai

according to me, pursuing management education enables a
person to enhance skills like team work, decision making
ability, learning skills, communication skill , effective
action planning etc. and these skills are very important in
any organization and it also helps to efficiently analyse
and run a competitive buisness.

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why do you want do mba?..

Answer / sivakumar

I want to do mba because ,everyone in life needs three
important management ablities,they are time,man and money.
if we able to manage these three effectively we can suceed
in our life (i.e.business),these three things were widely
thought in MBA colleges,we will get a first information and
experince regarding those three things,The most important
thing is "its difficult to transform a paper work into a
proper work", a good MBA program will teach how to convert
it sucessully.

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why do you want do mba?..

Answer / swati


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why do you want do mba?..

Answer / rakesh

As far as I am concern, I feel that MBA is necessary before joining any organization because it provide vast knowledge about the working of the organization structure and it also helps to develop interpersonal skills,managerial skills and time management skills which are very important to work in an organization(or useful to work in the corporate world).

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why do you want do mba?..

Answer / aafreen

Ever since i came to my senses, i was very clear in my head that i want to serve in an organisation where i can motivate people and learn from my seniors too,in the process. I always was in awe of the fact that MBA teaches you a more practical approach to the business proceedings.
MBA is the platform which would give the necessary launch pad for a corporate career.ANd teach me the nuances of what to expect in a Corp scenario and how to deal with situations. Most importantly, this was all i ever wanted to do, since i feel no other course interests me as much and can hone my skills to the extent an MBA can.

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