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wat is difference b/w break and section?

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wat is difference b/w break and section?..

Answer / swades

break removes duplictes but the samething cannot be done by
break displays data within the same cell content and
sectioing appears outside the grid.

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wat is difference b/w break and section?..

Answer / logi

In Section(Master Detail) you can have two or more
different crosstabs or tables(hori/fin) eg. orders,
customer, products etc
Where as In break one block is break into groups and
subtotal is shown eg customer can be broken into

In Section(Master Detail) you can have charts for each
section or detail. can have chart and table combination as
Whereas in Breaks u cannot inseart a chart for each of the
groups formed out of break

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wat is difference b/w break and section?..

Answer / amritha

When you do any arithmetic operation on break say sum or
count, you can see the sum for individual block and for all
the blocks in bottom.

In Section it performs operation only on individual block.

This is the main difference I have seen except look and

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wat is difference b/w break and section?..

Answer / nagapriya

One minor difference between section and break is in the webi left pane
in documentation structres and filters
Section will show the obeject name to which section is applied where as break will not

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