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What is Stich Query in Reportnet?

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What is Stich Query in Reportnet?..

Answer / tom

There are at least three of the answers that are right. As
stated above when a query needs to go through two or more
fact tables to pick up all the columns requested then a
stitch query is generated.

Consider: Fact A with two dimensions D1 and D2. Fact B with
two Dimensions D2 and D3. D2 is common to both facts i.e. a
conformed dimension. Report requires a column from D1 and
D3. Cognos generates a query that joins D1 to Fact A, Fact
A to D2, D2 to Fact B and finally Fact B to D3. It is quite
possible that Fact A will have a links to a set of records
in D2 that are different to the set of records linked to
from Fact B. The sets can some members in common or one set
could be a subset of the other. Cognos does not know which
is true or how it should be approached so it writes a query
that does not lose any records i.e. a full outer join (never
heard it called a RIGHT full outer join)

Many data bases will support FOJ so the term stitch query
described above is understood in DB circles. In Cognos it
has an additional meaning. To perform the stitch Cognos
sends 2 or more queries to the database and 'stitches' the
results together on the Application Server i.e not in a DB.
The Cognos SQL will have the FOJ / coalesce statements but
the Native SQL will not. The down side of this is that you
can't put filters in the query to remove rows where the FOJ
has delivered a null. Any filters you add will be applied
to one of the native queries BEFORE it is sent to the DB.
Filtering has to be done in the report. Most people, and
nearly all report writers, don't understand stitch queries
so it's best to avoid them if possible.

Personally I think Cognos should provide the option of
specifying the type of join between the facts

Tom Spillane, Sydney March/2010

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What is Stich Query in Reportnet?..

Answer / joydeep

when we pull in facts from different tables into the report
that might be joined using a conformed dimension, cognos
does a combination of coalesce and full outer join to
create a stitch query to avoid the loss of data. when you
go through the SQL generated for the report if you see a
combination of coalesce and a full outer join that means
you are dealing with stitch queries.

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What is Stich Query in Reportnet?..

Answer / chitwan humad

Excellent answer by Tom.

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What is Stich Query in Reportnet?..

Answer / satish

Framework Manager generates a separate query for each 'FACT'
table and joins the result set. This is called Stitched query.

Refer page No:71 in Cognos Framework Manager

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What is Stich Query in Reportnet?..

Answer / chandrasekhar

combining two or more quires in a single query is called a
stiched query in cognos reportnet

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What is Stich Query in Reportnet?..

Answer / srinu

framework manager generates a separate query for each fact
table,and joins the results set ,, it is called stich query,,

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What is Stich Query in Reportnet?..

Answer / baba bhopali

Good Answer Tom. Didn't expect such a skilled answer from
an Aussie.

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What is Stich Query in Reportnet?..

Answer / arkchowdary

I am not sure about this que.

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What is Stich Query in Reportnet?..

Answer / itesh biswal

Simple man

The query from two fact table or two query from 2star
schema with a confirmed dimension always right full outer
join query with a Coalesce of confirmed dim column.....

when u are building a query from 2 fact table but
without a confirmed dimension or having confirmed dimension
not using in query set ,it will right a stitched query
using rsum() function to create his own key and without
coalesce function ....that’s it

And don’t forget you should always try to avoid this


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What is Stich Query in Reportnet?..

Answer / rups

I think when there is no join bet two tables and we are
dragging in 2 cols from 2 diff tables which doesnt have
joins then cognos will automatically build 2 or more select
clauses with full outer join stiching in the 2 select
cluases this is called stiched query

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