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what does success mean to you

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what does success mean to you ..

Answer / ravish roshan

success is the absence of defeat.......and a result of your
confidence, hard work, determination and luck.

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what does success mean to you ..

Answer / riaz akhtar

you lose several time and put all your efforts,hard work,
determination, and dedication in order to win.If you win
that is real success.

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what does success mean to you ..

Answer / mohammed irshad

success is the target of life which means career/business
according to people.

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what does success mean to you ..

Answer / gaurav maan

Sucess is a achived goal which we desire to achive.

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what does success mean to you ..

Answer / abhaya

success is a progressive realization of a wealthy
sucess is a journey not a destination second thing is
unless until u realize the sucess no one make you happy ...

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what does success mean to you ..

Answer / shoukat

Sucess means to achieve the goals in intime - Shareef

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what does success mean to you ..

Answer / khushboo

success is simply realization and obtainment of a worthy
ideals or results that our heart is deeply connected is what we die for.Success that is soaked
withemotions,poweredby passion, driven by destiny and
forged with the fire of heart.

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what does success mean to you ..

Answer / jazz

success means the smell or the escence of winning or
getting ur goals

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what does success mean to you ..

Answer / vaska

Success is a happening, which teaches me to be humble when
I attain and gives a positive attitude and experience.

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what does success mean to you ..

Answer / vimal

sucess is a result of hard working , dedication ,
perseverance, devotion towards one work and the main thing
is patience

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