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What is a Quality Factor?

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What is a Quality Factor?..

Answer / sanjeer engg.



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What is a Quality Factor?..

Answer / kanta


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What is a Quality Factor?..

Answer / n.rajasekhar.

it's very difficult to talk equalizer in this level,and
mainly i guess Q is lot more than what you have
specified...It's much above 25i guess for off chip and
around 7 to 10 for on chip.

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What is a Quality Factor?..

Answer / niraj singh

quality factor decide the sharpness or selectivity of graph at resonance.

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What is a Quality Factor?..

Answer / md sanjeer

it is ratio of current pass through capacitor/inductor and resonance circuit.

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What is a Quality Factor?..

Answer / pradeep jha

It is defined as " At resonance condition, the ratio of voltage across inductor or capacitor to source voltage of an AC circuit."

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What is a Quality Factor?..

Answer / santosh kumar.c

- Measures how much the equalizer band affects a range of
frequencies. The higher the Q the more precise the equalizer
band. The Q is usually given a number designation of 1, 2,
or 3.

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What is a Quality Factor?..

Answer / can&

Q is a Alphabet after P We all have studied from class School A to Z.

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What is a Quality Factor?..

Answer / vidhyanadhan

This QUALITY FACTOR is mainly verified in the
oscillators like phase shift oscillator,wein bridge
oscillator etc,.in such a way that whether the oscillator
is efficient or not.

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