Why not come out analog output in ABB EL3020 when display show correct value

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Sir, I am working as a Instrument Engineer in Grasim Industries. Can any body provide question answer for interview purpose

0 Answers   Grasim,

why orfice is not used for main steam flow calculation

0 Answers   OEG,

How to calibrate radar lt type transmitter

1 Answers   NTPC,

How to convert milliampares into flow??

0 Answers  

Explain the difference between the types of input variables plc?

1 Answers  

What are different type of instrument cable

0 Answers   KOC,

How to work ultrasonic flow meter ?

1 Answers  

What is heating effect?

0 Answers   Process Control Technologies,

Is there any temperature compenasation for the air flow from FD fan & SA fans which supplies air to the Boiler?

2 Answers  

in DCS or PLC we can not put all ai or di,there is calculation through which we can accomodate certain no of digital and analog signal.I need to know that calculation

1 Answers  

If a normal magnetic type flow transmitter that can measure flow, temperature and show this parameters on field, is it possible by any means to get this (flow and temperature) parameters info. On dcs? And if yes then with HART, FO communication or any other communication system?

1 Answers   Process Control Technologies,

can you send remote seal interface level transmitter calculation steps for oil water saperator.

0 Answers   Sasol Firm, Thermax,

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