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what is mean by nitrosamine impurities?

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what is titrent,& titrate

2 Answers   Graviti Pharmaceuticals,

How do you increase the number of theoretical plates?

1 Answers   Cipla,

what is Beer Lambert low ?

8 Answers   MAN,

What is the Deference between Bulk density & Tap density ?

2 Answers   Hikma Pharmaceuticals, Neuland, Reddy Labs,

What is principle of Polarimeter?

21 Answers   Intas,

how do u optimise hplc method

1 Answers  

What is third generation HPLC Columns?

0 Answers   Emcure,


3 Answers  

in which situation ion pair require to use?

0 Answers  

why we use vanillin in melting range calibration

3 Answers  

For standardization of volumetric solutions, acceptance limit for concentration is considered as 10% of nominal concentration and %RSD as NMT 0.2% (for appropriate no. of replicates). But , if %RSD has not met, what should be further action?

0 Answers  

If inhouse hplc related substance method is completly diffrent from Usp for finished pro─Ćuct with diffrent impurities then how require to prove method equivalecy?

0 Answers  

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