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Can any one tell me what type of question asked for instrumentation and control interview panel??? pls mail

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I am an intru engg frm pune n completing mba marketing in may 2010, what kind of profile would best suit my educational qualifications??? Also, i will move to US in jan 2011, so this job experience should count Over there too 'coz i want to continue workin even there....

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you must show the examples application and give at least 4 types of transducer/sensors that can minimize the failure during the manufacturing of the resistors.

0 Answers   DEWA,

what is IPS (instrument protective system)?

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how many type conductivity sensor ?

0 Answers   Process Automation,

why twisted pair of wires is used in instrumentation ?

6 Answers   ONGC,

If i want use the 6 kg/cm2 pressure gauge then how to calculate its pressure gauge range?

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Hi buddies! my name is sachin and i am working as a electrical and instrumentation engineer in a paper plant. right now i am facing a problem and if someone could help me it will be an immense pleasure to me. i am using AC 800M to synchronise DCS500 drives on paper machine and rewinder.communication is on PROFIBUS and we are using NPBA-01 module to link profibus to DC drives.But these days two of these drives are showing a error named FIELDBUS COMM.TIMED OUT and the drives get tripped.I have changed the NPBA module and PROFIBUS cable.So if anyone can do please help me out with this problem.I'll be highly grateful.

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what is span adjusment of transmitter? what is the function of positioner/

2 Answers   Kent,

What is mean by analytical instrumentation?

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how can we measure the pressure in underground cooling water pipeline by using pressure transmitter?what about the tapping position?

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How can i copy program (parameter) from mm440 (V.F.D.) by using BOP?

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What is profibus?

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