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Can anyone convert a 5/2 way or 3/2 way valve into an ISO valve?

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defination of plc

14 Answers   ABC, Sofcon,

Explain about P&ID diagram?

3 Answers   Technip, Toyo Denki,

Steve said that "An eddy-current probe works by passing an alternating current through a coil of wire and measuring the coil’s impedance" while we are using -24 Volt DC , So I am confused about DC and AC. Plz .

2 Answers   Jindal, Sadara Chemicals,

what is interlock system and why we use of this?

0 Answers  

I need circuit for RTD senser?

0 Answers  

I have completed B.E. Instrumentation & control in 2009. i have 3 year industrial job experience in chemical, I want to join M.E. in external. so, Plese say easiet way and good institute name.

0 Answers  

how to calibrate ph meter?

3 Answers  

Why the ammonia and Nitric Acid level indicators is with millimeter ? and What is the conversion form millimeters that level indicator indicate to weight ?

0 Answers   EHC,

tell about various protocols used in different plcs

3 Answers   Emerson, Samtel,

please tell no. & add. of consultancy who recruit me in power plant as instrumen engg. present i m working in power plant as ass.t instrument engg. thanku mahesh 09226562826

0 Answers  

What should be hight of CONTROL panel for access & OPERATION What is BIS & INDIAN STD for SAME?

3 Answers  

what pressure transmitter?

8 Answers   Bhel,

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