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im electrical engineer, could any one help me for FEWA exam questions please ?

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More Electrical Engineering Interview Questions

How can we increase the capacity of Energy.?

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in 11kv generators the neutral point is connected to earth via earth coil while in the 33 / 11 kv transformer the neutral point is connected to earth via earth resistor why? 

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Can u explain : what is supply for train (whether a,c or d.c ).I know that supply is 25000v a.c .But there is rumour that supply is D.C. And also explain how lights and fans inside the trains are working ,and what type of motors are used in trains whether D.C motors or induction motors .If d.c motor, how it gets supply.If traction motors are used then what are traction motors and its functions and how it differs from other motors and also explain about locomotive . y d.c series motor in train.train wheels r driven by D.C shunt motor ,at what voltage,and at what speed. please reply..............

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difference between buscoupler & bussection?

1 Answers  

What is class X ct? What rare its uses?

2 Answers  

An AC coil to give DC supply whats happen in the coil.what type of problem are create.

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How many homes can a 500kva transformer supply in S.A

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If you see the HRC fuse name plate. Its shown ampere rating shown which is in many KA (like 80KA and so on). any body explain what is meaning of this value?

7 Answers  

in what type of applications v can use q meter?

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what is SMDB

6 Answers  

how many power plants in andhra pradesh,how many types and there capacity

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