What happens when we provide null key to sort, merge and pbks in Abinitio ?

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How to Improve Performance of graphs in Ab initio?

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Order of Evaluation of Parameters

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What is m_dump?

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How do you add default rules in the transformer?

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How will you use EME for view or publish metadata reports using EME?

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If m loading a file of 1 million records.and the graph fails after loading 10,000 records. In this case if we use rollback command then what will happen?

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11. What is the use of allocate()?

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Describe the Evaluation of Parameters order.

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Is data warehousing different from data mining?

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Hi friends, I have 100 records in my input file, if i run first,the first 10 records are stored into the output and if i run second time next 10 records stored into the output file like that please let me know the answer Thanks, krishna

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What is the difference between partitioning with key and round robin?

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How co>operating system integrates with legacy codes?

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