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Where we save all scripts in the QTP

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Where we save all scripts in the QTP..

Answer / srinu

Scripts in QTP will be stored in .mts extenstion

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Where we save all scripts in the QTP..

Answer / surya prakash

By Default QTP Derects to save tests into its installation
folder within that tests folder. The test script will be
saved in that test folder with .mts extension.

But we can mention the location where to store the tests,
according to our framework and File Structute in it


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Where we save all scripts in the QTP..

Answer / yana

.mts extension

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Where we save all scripts in the QTP..

Answer / j. sambasivarao

For all types of files in testing that is library files,
script files (.vbs files), log files (result windows),
object repository files (.tsr files), and recovery files
have separate folders in companies database named as "Test
Base." Like this, software developers have database storage
in company called as "Soft Base."

J. Sambasivarao

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Where we save all scripts in the QTP..

Answer / sandeep n

In some configuration management tool like VSS

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