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How to make arguments optional in a function?

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How to make arguments optional in a function?..

Answer / ramchandra patil

Hi Narendra,

Good question!

See basically QTP does not support optional arguments but u
can achieve this with following ways-

1. You can pass NULL or Empty values
2. By using dictionary object

I am agree with Subbu...
@Meenu we use optional in front of statement if we wanted
to execute the statement at some criteria..we never use
Optional keyword while passing arguments to function...n I
think narendras question is related to function...

hey guys let me know if I am wrong with valid solution and
please do post if u know any other way..

Thanks in Advance..


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How to make arguments optional in a function?..

Answer / akshay kumar

this is not possible as default VBS doesn't support this. Instead you can pass a blank scring and have a default value if arguments r not required.

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How to make arguments optional in a function?..

Answer / murtaza j habib

make any function and call it anywhere in your file

but don't upload that function which showing you a error in
your file because it is useless

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How to make arguments optional in a function?..

Answer / subbu

In QTP we dont use "Optional" keyword just like in VB.
But work around is use Dictionary object. It is just like
multi dimension arrays.

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How to make arguments optional in a function?..

Answer / sushma

Suppose there is alogin window in the user name we can type
any thing but while running its giving som eerror we can
avoid tht error actually
so, we can make tht tsl as an optional so tht if an error
occurs it countinues but not stop
for example
Optional.Dialog("Login").WinEdit("Name:").Set "ssss"
these line make an optional now

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How to make arguments optional in a function?..

Answer / meenu

basically by prefixing 'Optional.' in front of the statement

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