How do I start iis from command prompt?

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What is App Pool and App Domain? What is the difference between the two.

5 Answers   247Customer,

How can we retrive our data after if we format the harddisk?

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what type of information system do this company use?

0 Answers   Infeneon Technologies,


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How do I completely uninstall iis?

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Explain the role of http.sys in iis?

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How do you remotely administer MS IIS?

2 Answers   Microsoft,

How can I host my website for free?

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In which process does IIS runs (was asking about the EXE file) ?

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What are the different version on iis that you have worked on?

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How to know whether IIS is installed in your machine or not.

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roles of information system in a business organization?

0 Answers   Infeneon Technologies,