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plese tell me about vss?

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plese tell me about vss?..

Answer / ameet

visual source safe

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plese tell me about vss?..

Answer / nanda.d reddy

it is a common repositary. that any one can access that.

All test documents like BRS documents, test plan, test
case documents..etc.. will be available in that.

that will be place on desktop. if u want to see
the test plan or any test case related to that project, u
can open the VSS.

suppose, in the middle of the project..u want to
check the customer requirements, or test plan or test cases
written by other members..u can go to VSS.

mai draw back of this is once one persone opened
the another person can not open untill he closed it.

so whenever u want to see test cases or any other
documents u just copy them and paste on any local folder.

if i'm wrong let me know pls..

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plese tell me about vss?..

Answer / sutherson

main concept is check In & check Out. In our testing point
of view we can take the latest file for testing from
vss.Then labled version we can put for each package.

If you are facing any problem after delivery from client
testing, that time you can refer the full versions (A to Z)
from virtual source safe.

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