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Manhattan Interview Questions
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Write the test cases for 2-way electric switch system. Write for GUI, functionality as well as stress testing

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Suppose you testing Calculator application and you got problems like 1/1=2, 2/2=1, 3/3=6, 4/4=1, 5/5=10. Now how will you describe the bug title as well as give the bug description.

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How does the Jsp Expressions works ? What happens at the back?

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How to swap two variables, without using third variable ?

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How many web.config a application can have ?

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Testing work start at once

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whatis the diffrence bug ,error,defect

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1.What is the risk factor problem related to project?

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placement paper of manhattan associates

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What is the unit of vaccum?

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Why Hg means mecuiry used in vaccum mesuring unit?

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Do you know how to measure the earth resistance?

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Write the functional,system test case for a electric bulb which have two electric switches.

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write bug name and discrition for following scenario: 1*1=1,2*2=5,3*3=9,4*4=17 using mscalculator ?

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1.If *HIVAL SETGT is used what opcode is used to read a record? A:READ B:READPE C:CHAIN D:READP 2.How to pass numeric parameter to the rpg pgm from the command line? 3.What keyword is used on the rpg 4 definition specification to rename a subfile in an externally definition data structure? A:RENAME B;LIKE C:EXTNAME D:EXTFLD

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can any one explain briefly about solution manager in sap


3. Tell me about a time when you had too many things to do and you were required to prioritize your tasks.


What are the causes of liner high temperature?


Vibromotor 252MV 1/4HP2P..what is mean by 252MV?


If you have a superpower what would like to do for one day at work and why?


Can anyone forward me EP faqs to the following mail id: Thanks in advance


what is the procedure to appoint an Austrlian citzen as indian company director...


how to convert 100 into hundred repees only and viceversa


3-4 questions on optical fiber : data based.


i want to know about torque of slip ring induction motor


sir mai ek bar cst online tax payment kar raha tha to sar maine tac par na click kar ke interst par click kar di ho mai kya karu please give a anwers


What is the minimum distance to be maintained in between HT panel and LT panel and Instrument panel as per IEC and NEC standards?


How do I tell when an application executed using the SHELL command is finished?


Can you run campaign without products? What are all necessary to run campaign? What settings will you do to send mail from your system?


Manhattan Interview Questions
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