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Infeneon Technologies Interview Questions
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What is service pack..what is the purpose of this..?This question was asked in an testing interview..that's why i posted this in this category..

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Does functional testing comes under Black box or white box testing?

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What is synchronization? what is the purpose of wait() function? what is the diff. between wait() and other synchronization functions in winrunner?

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what is custom check point? what is the diff.between custom check point and runtime Record check ?

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what is Retesting and what is the difference between Retesting and Regression testing?

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Suppose if you have given Login screen to Test. What type of tests r u going to do on that.How many test cases can u write.?

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For Web Applications what type of tests r u going to do .. tell me the Importent ones..

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What is Test case coverage?

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In an interview,the Interviewer asked me what are the reasons For the software has bugs? could u pls. explain the General reasons ..

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what type of information system do this company use?


roles of information system in a business organization?


brief description of the company and its information system


computer hardware used and its function


computer sotfware used and its functions


types of telecommunication network used

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