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Ho to insert no. of records at a time..i mean i want to insert 100 records at a time into a table

5 Oracle General 7629

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Question { 6535 }

How to change the Default synchronization method time and



u can change there default time..but it is not suggested
at all...becoz it will effect execution...

by scripting..u can use waitproperty, sync and wait methods
for synchronization.

If any queries..

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Question { TCS, 7099 }

In 1st screen,if v enter a/c no. in one field, the
information of the subscriber will be displayed. The
details should be displayed only in screen 3(NOTE:details
should not display in screen 2).How can v do using QTP.


yeah u can test it...

first to get value value of account number field...

get_text = browser("XXXX").page("XXXX").WebEdit("Account
(I just written for capturing data, write remaining script
for complete the process in first page)

coming to second scenario..the get-text should not be
displayed in page.

check_text =

search_text = instr(check_text,get_text)

if search_text = 0 then

msgbox "text is not Found"
msgbox "Text is not found in second page"
'***the above line is to open for 3rd page, i given sample.


n = browser("XXXX").page("XXXX2").getRoproperty("innerText")

g = instr(n,get_text)

if g = 0 then
msgbox "text is not found in 3 rd page"
msgbox "text is found in 3rd page"

end if

If any queries...

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Question { 21396 }

How we can call the scripit from another scripit in
QTP?,Not a call Action


I agree with Pavitra..

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Question { Microsoft, 39415 }

How to write Negative test cases?


Based on the Business Rules column in Use Case Document, we
can prepare the Negative Testcases.

If any queries..

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Question { 6459 }

what is the difference between image and bitmap check point


Ravi u r correct..

here Image check point uses to check the properties of an
Image(Like source, size, positions etc..) supports only
for Web.

Bitmap checkpoint uses to check the check versions
vairations, and particular image before and after.


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Question { Satyam, 12651 }

Which object repository we use in real time and can we
merge 2 object repostiory and how?


hi guys..

we can merge two repositories..but it is suggestible.

If u need two or more repositories for a test..u can
associate them by using associate repositories( If u r using
9.0 or above version) tool.

If u want add it during run time..

rpositoriescollection.add ""

if any queries..

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Question { Convergys, 18563 }

How does QTP identifies the object in the application


the above answers are some more information..

if u explain this definitely interviewer will ask u
.....what is Ordinal Identifier?

In Ordinal Identifier we have 3 properties..Index, Location
and Creation Time. we can select only one property for one
Object and Creation Time is only for Browser.

Index is Tab Order of a Object in Application.
Location is x,y position of a Object in in Application.
Creation Time is browser opened time.

If any queries...

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Question { 14264 }

How to retrieve the property of an object in QTP?


Kiran is TO means Test Object and RO means
Runtime Object.

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Question { 5214 }

wht is TRM


hi Kris,

this is about you answer. but we need some to
map. can u provide any template, pls. actually i said this
same answer in my interview. they asked how u map this,
write it?

can u answer me...

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Question { Wipro, 10988 }

WHICH functionalities of QTP used in Banking project?


there are many banking cedit
banking..and that...
which project u are asking..

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Question { 8134 }

1)what is the Exact Meaning of Environment Variables?

2)what is Compile Module in QTP? what exactly it contains
Functions or Actions?


Sushil u have given Answer.

the variables which has to be use in deffent scipts in
different environments( Likes different user
machines,different user logins)can be called as Environment
This environment Variables are two types:
1) Built - In
2) User Defined.

1) Built - In : This variables activates only at run time.
and the values of this variables depends on the system
environment which the script is been executing.
For Example:
if u want to report to results that which user is
executed the script and which action has been executed and
on which operating system and how many Iterations u can use
like below.

reporter.Reportevent midDone, "Executed User","This
script is executed by :"&Environment.Value("UserName")

if u want to report Action Name : Environment.Value
this values will change action by action.

User Defined:
Generally we put the comman variables in XML file
(External user defined Env. File) like URL of the
Application( This will common to all scripts are all
users) , Root_Path of the folder structer, Admin user and
admin password. like this.
this is becoz to avoid the hard coding. we should not
give chance to end users to modify the scripts. if URL of
the application is changed, simply he can change same in
XML file, and can execute.

if u didnt get ping me at :

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Question { CTS, 39511 }



I Agree with Umasankar.

Built In Variables are activated at runtime only. by using
this variables we can know test execution information. That
is which user is executed, how Iterations were executed,
which Actions were executed, which test was executed, test
directory that.

User Defined Internals..we can create them and these
variables are used only a test where they were created. Once
u created that variable u can not modify the name of
variable and u can modify the value. If u want to use these
variable in many tests u can export them in XML file. there
u can modify the name of the variable.

User defined Externals...The variables which are Imported
from XML file are called External variables. These are read
only variables. u can modify name and value of these
variables. If u want to modify them..go to XML file which
are stored and right click on that file click n edit. the
script will open, there u can edit name and value.

this is completely about Environment variables.

If any queries..

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Question { 10155 }

types of output value in details.


guys total there are 7 actually...let me explain in detail...

1. Standard OP
2. Table OP
3. Text OP
4. Text Area OP
4. Database OP
6. XML output (from application)
7. XML output (from resources)

1. Standard OP: this ouput value is used to get a property
value of an runtime object in application for later input.
Example: to get the text entered in a text box, or to get
button name or get items count in a weblist.

2. Table OP: this ouput value is used to get the data from
specified cell in a webtable. this option is not visible in
QTP. but u can impliment this thru standard output value.

3. Text OP: this output value is used to get some text from
the web application.

4. Text Area : this output value is used only for windows
application. and used to get text from specified area.

5. Database OP : to get the data from the data base using by

6. XML from Application : to get the values from XML file
thats been using by application.

7. XML from Resources : to get the values from external XML
file to parameterize your test.

if any queries , please mail to:


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Question { Wipro, 7848 }

suppose u hav a 10 dialog or window opened on screen with
same name & value. now how to test each window? i.e. how
qtp indetifies these objects separately?


Hi shushil,

I think we give Index number in 9.0. please check it
once. and correct if i am wrong.

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Question { 4991 }

How does Parameterization and Data-Driving relate to

each other in QTP?


Through Data driving and parameterization are same.

If any any queries..

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