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Stag Computers Interview Questions
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what is difference between desktop and web application?

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In an Interview on person asked me about WR frame work. in what way i have to explain and what is the answer?

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What is the difference between RDBMS and DBMS?

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what type of frameworks are you using in silk test?

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write the testcases for a triangle ABC. given length of 3 sides of a possible triangle, check whether 3 sides do indeed form a triangle or not if they do then state whether the triangle is scalene, isoceles or equilateral. Note that the sum of any two sides of a triangle should be greater than third side. A+B>C B+C>A A+C>B. need urgently. thank u... by priya

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.what are the types of recording modes in winrunner 2.what are the three modes of running a test in winrunner 3.what is synchronization point 4.what are the contents present in a test case we need testing for the project 6.what is code review and code walk through At which phase the testing starts (begin) in the project How do we test Client server applications and a Web applications what is verification and validation what is adhoc testing what is traceability matrix what is base line document what is Test Life Cycle what is regression testing and retesting what is a BUG LIFE CYCLE what is a Bug what are defects what is functionality testing and system testing. a project has to be released in one day but the testing people got that project from the developers half of the day before so what they have to do to complete the testing process. 20 what are severity level and priority levels

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how do i convert 22kw to kva

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a project has to be released in one day but the testing people got that project from the developers half of the day before so what they have to do to complete the testing process.?

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If i have 200 test cases and we have to execute but we don't have time to execute all testcases.within 1 hour we have to execute that testcases and prepare the test how i have to resolve this problem? is there is any technique in the testing.

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write test cases for whatsapp messaging..?

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Non functional testing Examples ?

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Stag Computers Interview Questions
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