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Explain the main differences between asp and

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When would you set this property to false?

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How can you use a custom controls in ASP.NET application?

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Where do you store the information about the user?s locale?

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What is datagrid

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Explain page output caching?

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What is a bubbled event?

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Do you support digital rights management to protect my videos?

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What is break mode?

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What the use of Form Authentication and windows Authentication?

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I have around 200+ controls in a page. Each of the sets of controls are kept in divs and when header div is clicked, only those div controls pertaining to that header div will be displayed. Rest of the divs are kept invisible. When the page loads, all these 200+ controls are loaded simultaneously, that consumes much of the time. What my requirement is I want to get the div1 controls loaded when the page loads and rest of the div controls should be loaded asynchronously. it should not be loaded with page load, so that time for loading the page can be much minimised. Hope u understood my question and pls help me out with a solution asap....

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what are httphandlers and httpmodules.and their differences.

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How should I destroy my objects in

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