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  • Phoenix Technologies interview questions (16)

Phoenix Technologies Interview Questions
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Tell me about yourself?

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linex will support dot net?

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what is phase to phase fault? what is line to line fault?

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How To Call Outside Javascript File? Example : Our Project File Folder Name "Sample" Another Folder Name "Check".Check Folder Is Out Side Of Our Project ?Check Folder Have Verify.Js File. My Question Is How To Call Verify.Js File.

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What Are The Difference Between AutoEventWireup="true" and AutoEventWireup="False"

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Difference Between ReadOnly and Constant Variable in compile time and Run Time.

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Is It Possible for Static Variables access normal variable? and Normal Varialbe Access the static Variables?

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Is It Possible For Whole Page is Saved In View State? What Is View State?

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Interface have Default Modifier Is 'Public'.Where We Will Use The KeyWord In Interface?

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How To Maintain Transaction In C#?

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What Is ASPNET_WP.exe? What Is The Use Of It? In Which Place Inproc Session Stored ? Explain Session State ?

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What is the difference between asp and

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What are strin concatation methods in c#?

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What is architecture of your poroject? how i c an say?

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Phoenix Technologies Interview Questions
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