i want tech mahindra recent placement paper conducted for
campus recruitment in bangalore

i want tech mahindra recent placement paper conducted for campus recruitment in bangalore..

Answer / thangamani

8085 is not an embedded system becaz it doesn't have a own memory but an embedded system should have its own memory hence the 8085 is a microprocessor

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what is bts ,what is e1 what is fifa card ,what is rri ,what is e1t1

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can we tap digital signals?

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W#hat is the Present cabling used in Ethernet? and present days networks?? And What is the mostly used topology now a dyas?

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What is the difference between 8087 and 8086

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can any one say what are the non-scientific calculators?..i use casio ms350...wtr it is a scientific or non-scientific....

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I have need to pervious examinations questions and answer for RRB examination in technical, JUNIOR ENGINEER PLEASE SEND EXAMINATION QUESTION AND ANSWER MY ID k7_r@indiatimes.com

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Plz send me some sample papers on OCES papers. I am appearing in OCES/DGFS-2009.Plz inform me by my emailid- subhabrata03851@gmail.com

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what is the use of matched filter at the reciever side?

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regarding bsnl jto examination,can i use the printout of application format mentioned in the advertisement.

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Sparking between contacts can be reduced by inserting a a.) Resistance in the line b.) Capacitor in series with contacts c.) Capacitor in parallel with contacts d.) None

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why the name of op amp is 741?

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