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What is cross browser testing?

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Questions for role of a QC engineer at NDS,Bangalore 1st round is written 20 questions on aptitude and 10 question on testing Aptitude--problems on time and distance,tap problem,ages,time and work,probability, Testing 1.Difference Between QA & QC 2.Any 4 types of SDLC models with diagram. Also Pros and cons of each model 3.What is application Testing And embedded testing 4.Qualities of a good tester 5.Test cases for registering user. One field for user name,2 fields for password,"ok" and "cancel" button 6.What is a bug,explain Bug life cycle 7.Difference between priority and severity? 8.Some question on software design

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Will automated testing tools make testing easier?

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What and where are the policy statements that dictate quality assurance in your project?

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What's the role of documentation in QA

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What are the different artifacts you refer when you write the test cases?

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What is software quality assurance?

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What should QA require of Development?

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at any application or software where the data will be stored at server side or at client side kindly answer it in detail?

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1) What r the properties, Advantages & Disadvantages of each types of action? 2)When I can use this?

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write an e-mail introducing yourself to the client as a QA ead is not in town.

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What is a test strategy and what does it include?

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In the Test Plan,Features to be tested and Features not to be tested are there.Can u explain these in Detail?

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