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Thatavarti Technologies Interview Questions
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What are the limitations for testing?

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What is error guessing?

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when we should start writing test cases?

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Hi,The question is write a script for the following scenario. scenario:in a job portal i entered QTP 3yrs testing then click search button.then it displays results like Test lead bangalore (here is a checkbox). Test lead hyderabad check box so on... question is if test lead position in bangalore then checkbox shld be enabled automatically..

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How to retrive data from a data table which is in 3rd row,4th column and place it in main retrive name,date from data table..write script for this.

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How to connect to the Database from QTP?

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What are the Different Status of test Cases?

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what is a scope?

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what r the status for test cases?

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what r the techniques to design test cases?

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what is defect density

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why we do testing ? what r the uses?

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How do you handle when requirments are continously changing? please explain in detail?

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What is End-TO-End Testing?Explain in detail

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Hello friends..... On which areas of an application we can not test with QTP


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