What are different types of checkpoints?

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Is Winrunner 7.01 supports .NET applications?

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How to recogonise dynamically changing objects in an application(ie Web or Standalone)

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How can you do debugging in winrunner?

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Can we run WinRunner scripts on the backend?

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Does winrunner supports applications with environment Visualbasic 6.0 SQL server 2000.??

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Hi,i cleared the first round in Microstrategy and my second round(project manager) is scheduled so can any one tel me what r they asked and gv me some steps how i wil tel them?

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What do you verify with the database check point custom and what command it generates, explain syntax?

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What is watchlist?

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what is the extension for WR files?

10 Answers   AppLabs,

what are types of black box and white box testing?

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Do we need start up file in win runner??if yes then why?and no then why?

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Using the WinRunner Tool What that Regular Expression Scripts

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