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what is the use of add-ins in winrunner?

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what is the use of add-ins in winrunner?..

Answer / jyotsna

use of add-ins winrunner is when we open the
winruuner,during winrunner launching time it'll show the
add-in manager. In that add-in manager what ever add-ins we
are selecting those fuctions will be loaded in winrunner.

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what is the use of add-ins in winrunner?..

Answer / srikanth.m

winrunner loads the functions basing the Add-ins we have
selected.if we select web it will load all related web

if there is any mistake plz mail me @

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what is the use of add-ins in winrunner?..

Answer / sailaja

add-in manager is used to include a set of functions
specific to some feature into WR domain. only those set of
functions can be used by the WR for a particular
application. other then those functions WR generates error

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