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Can you differentiate between mediator and osb?

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how to print multi lay outs,muti currency,muti language in xml publisher

2 Answers   Deloitte, Oracle,

can we use look up type instead of a pofile option?or valueset?is it possible how?

0 Answers   Cap Gemini,

The Task is that to register a Form into Oracle Apps on a particular responsiblity. - First i moved the FMX & FMB file into the custom_top through FTP - Using Application Developer i registered the Form through Form menu then Function then Menu..... as we do regularly.. - When i get into the particular responsiblity i can see the Form name getting listed. But when i click that to open..... i cant able to see the form. I need any one your help in advicing me...what would be the problem.

7 Answers   SGS,

I am insert in data to a table X .Which one is better while writing commit statement After each row inset or after all row insert to table.

3 Answers   IBM,

What does appl_top directory contain?

0 Answers  

P_CONC_REQUEST_ID mandatory in oracle reports to run in oracle applications or not ( I am not talking about running in report builder or D2k ) or not ?

9 Answers   CSC, IBM, KPIT, Oracle,

Need Training & Internship with guaranteed Job in ERP - Oracle Apps Tech?

4 Answers   Zensar,

What is INBOUND and OUT BOUND? (Different types of interfaces)

17 Answers   Accenture, Asian Paints, Inbound Solutions, Tech Mahindra,

Can you explain the difference between architecture followed in 10g & 11g?

0 Answers  

what is instead of trigger. what is the use of that?

3 Answers  

we have 4 managers if one person logon the system automatically displays his siganature and name how?

1 Answers   BirlaSoft,

Steps for DFF registration

2 Answers   IBM, Savvis, Wipro,

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