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What are the main theoretical models that try to explain the formation of the enzyme-substrate complex?

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does glucagon secretion induce sleep in teenagers?why?

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What is cellobiose what are its important properties?

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What are the main types of tertiary structure?

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How can you determine the reaction, taking place at constant pressure delta (h)?

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Ethylene on ozonolysis gives which chemical compound?

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Is there any metabolic pathway for water? If not is it possible to provide one?

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what are gangliosides?where they are found?

4 Answers   Biocon,

what are magic 20 aminoacids?

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What is meant by the 5’ and 3’ extremities of nucleic acids?

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In 3d-series, which two elements exhibit an anomalous configuration?

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When s subunit dissociates from an initiated RNA polymerase, a) it can bind a core enzyme to reform holoenzyme. b) it hydrolyzes ATP until rebound by core enzyme. c) it leaves behind an elongating species complexed with Rho factor. d) it remains bound to the promoter consensus sequence.

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what is the special isoprene rule?

6 Answers   Ranbaxy, Reddy Labs,