What are the main theoretical models that try to explain the formation of the enzyme-substrate complex?

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why does separation not occurs in stacking gel in gel electrophorosis and why does separation done in separating gel?

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What is the primary structure of a protein? What is the importance of the primary structure?

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Define activation energy?

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what are the two mixed triglycerides?

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Is there a biochemical test for maltose?

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What is the enzyme that catalyzes the production of rna?

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how rotenone acts as an inhibitor of electron transport?

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What features do the helix and the sheet have in common?

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What are the salient features of chemiosmotic coupling hypothesis?

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is there a hormone in our body which when released induces sleep in us?is there a spurt in the secretion of that hormone in adolescence?why?

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Define ionic product of water. What is its value?

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what is the procedure of aschheim-zondec test?

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