Genetics Interview Questions
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which chemical substance is generally used to obtain polyploids?

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what is the difference between test cross and back cross?

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what is the difference between back cross and test cross?

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Is Haemophilia a sex linked disease?how?

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normally on which plants generally genetic studies are being made?

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What is genetic testing?

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What information can genetic testing provide?

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What are genetic disorders?

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Suppose a father of blood type B and a mother of blood type O have a child of type O. What are the chances that their next child will be blood type O? Type B? Type A? Type AB?

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what are the 3 different types of point or gene mutations?

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what is the difference between nullisomic and double monosomic?

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what is the approximate number of genes in the human being according to human genome project?

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what is the recently discovered sps of monkey in arunachalpradesh?

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what is allopatric population?

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what is klinefelter's syndrome?

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Does unwinding DNA cause aging?


Has vitamin c been produced in a human naturally before?


How is a genetic trait determined by the genetic code within a dna molecule?


In sesame, the one-pod condition (P) is dominant to the three-pod condition (p), and normal leaf (L) is dominant over wrinkled leaf (l). The two characters are inherited independently. Determine the genotypes and phenotypes of the two plants which produce the following progeny: 318 one- pod normal, 98 one-pod wrinkled, 323 three-pod normal and 104 three-pod wrinkled.


Is biotechnology more dangerous to other gene transfer technologies breeding?


In cats yellow is due to gene B and black to its allele b. These genes are located on the X chromosome (sex-linked). The heterozygous results in calico (tortoise shell). What kinds of offspring (sex & color) are expected from the cross: black male & calico female? Most calico males are sterile, why?


what is DIY Gene testing ?


Is Genetic engineering the best of solution?


The ABO blood system has been employed to settle cases of disputed paternity. Suppose, as an expert in genetics, you are called to testify in a case where the mother is type A, the child is type O and the alleged father is type B. How would you respond to the following statements of the attornies: a. "Since the mother has type A, the type O of the child must have come from the father and since my client is type B, he obviously could not have fatered the child." Made by the attorney of the alleged father. b. "Further tests revealed that this man is heterozygous and therefore he must be the father." Made by the mother's attorney.


Is Recombination in Human Mitochondrial DNA really possible?


what are the genetical reasons behind obesity?


Explain steps involved in transcription?


What ethical dilemmas should be considered when genetic engineering is put into practice?


7) Diabetes is recessive. A) If woman has diabetes and marries a man that doesn’t have it, is it possible for their offspring to acquire this disease? A A Aa Aa Aa Aa a a genotypes Phenotype 100% Aa, Heterozygous 100% No diabetes B) If none of the father’s ancestors had ever had diabetes, would their children have a chage of getting the disease? Explain


sir/ma'm im doing my msc in concern that can go for phd in genetics? and how?? plz help me in this..thank you