Zoology Interview Questions
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what is the function of bicuspid or mitral valve in human heart?

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what are the different stages in the life histoty of dibothriocephalus?

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coral reefs are how many types?name them?

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explain signet ring stage in erythrocytic cycle of plasmodium?

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differentiate apterygota and pterygota subclasses of phylum arthropoda?

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what r tidemann's bodies?where do u find them?

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what is a keber's organ?with what function it associates?

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differentiate miracidium and cercaria larval forms?

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what is osphradium?


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what r ambulacral ossicles?what is its importance in phylum echinodermata?

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what are the constituents of human semen?

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what is the function of ovipositor in houseflies?

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what actually happens during window period of HIVinfection?

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what is the meaning of the word "kwashiorkor"?

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what is the difference between complicated fractures and comminnuted fractures?

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What do you mean by 'rostrum' with reference to the anatomy of the human brain?


What are the names of the species of frogs that have the ability to change what sex (male/female) they are?


What are the morphological & anatomical differences between poisonous & non poisonous snakes?


What is the situation of fishers, fish farmers and the fishing fleet?


mud eel eg.cuchia,how many gill rakers?


What are the markets for specific types of fish products?


What is Capture-based aquaculture ?


is there more calories in buffalo milk than sheep milk?


In mammals, somatosensory, visual, auditory, and olfactory sensory systems all project to the cerebral cortex. To what extent does this imply some common form of neural processing?


what is the general life cycle of metazoans?


Describe the vertebrate brain and name its major areas.


How are fishery products used?


How does excretion take place in fish?


What role can fisheries play in national development and poverty reduction?


What is the second largest land carnivore?