Botany Interview Questions
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Difference between Purine and Pyrimidine?

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How to identify Heterochromatin and euchromatin ?

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What are plasmodesmata?

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What is the characteristic inflorescence of the family Asteraceae ?

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What is Gynandrophore?

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What is the difference between Geitonogamy and Xenogamy ?

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What is the difference between Cleistogamy and Chasmogamy ?

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What is meant by PEN ?

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Siliqua is the characteristic fruit of which family?

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Differentiate alpha-taxonomy and omega-taxonomy ?

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What is the Botanical name of the plant yielding nuclear stain called 'Haematoxylin' ?

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Name the plant which yields Pyrethrum, an insecticide ?

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Epipetalous, Syngenesious, Hooded stamens found in which family ?

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Bicollateral vascular bundles, adnation of petioles were found in which family ?

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What is Tautonomy ?

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Since mistletoe is parasitic, could plasmodesmata be present between mistletoe and its host?


what is the description of ipomoea involucrata?


How does stomatal conductance increase in an elevated carbon dioxide environment?


What effect does dyhydromonoxide have on green vegetation?


What specific mechanism regulates cyclic vs noncyclic electron transfer during light reactions of photosynthesis?


True or false: tubers and fruits of wild members of the Solanaceae may be safely eaten. Explain.


Does CO have adverse effects on plants?


What is the structure of chlorophyll and the energy transfer mechanism?


Late blight of potato and early blight of potato symptoms differences?


Why Gymnosperms have become less than Angiosperms and What is the evolutionary trend between them?


At present which is highly evolved? Is is trees, shrubs or herbs? Why?


How does a cherry seed germinate?


what is the effect of different types of water on plants?


what are the uses of economically important plants?


what are the advantages and disadvantages of biofertilizers?