Botany Interview Questions
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Difference between Purine and Pyrimidine?

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How to identify Heterochromatin and euchromatin ?

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What are plasmodesmata?

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What is the characteristic inflorescence of the family Asteraceae ?

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What is Gynandrophore?

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What is the difference between Geitonogamy and Xenogamy ?

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What is the difference between Cleistogamy and Chasmogamy ?

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What is meant by PEN ?

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Siliqua is the characteristic fruit of which family?

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Differentiate alpha-taxonomy and omega-taxonomy ?

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What is the Botanical name of the plant yielding nuclear stain called 'Haematoxylin' ?

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Name the plant which yields Pyrethrum, an insecticide ?

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Epipetalous, Syngenesious, Hooded stamens found in which family ?

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Bicollateral vascular bundles, adnation of petioles were found in which family ?

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What is Tautonomy ?

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Genetic load means ?


plants release O2 only during daytime but respire 24 hrs giving out CO2 but are said to purify air? How?


How to take a poison from oleander?


What three main parts make up the carpel of a plant?


what are the constituents of nutrient solution for hydroponic system?


what is the comparative effect of organic manure & NPK fertilizer on amaranthus spp.?


which floral whorls are present or absent on grasses?


How parts of plants are useful in medicine?


What is the difference between xylem and phloem?


Name of gymnosperms and angiosperms having anticancerous properties?


The xylem tissue that carries water is called?


Explain cotyledons?


What are botanical plants?


True or false: tubers and fruits of wild members of the Solanaceae may be safely eaten. Explain.


Name the fungus attracting ants and smelling very foul and rotten?