Botany Interview Questions
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Difference between Purine and Pyrimidine?

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How to identify Heterochromatin and euchromatin ?

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What are plasmodesmata?

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What is the characteristic inflorescence of the family Asteraceae ?

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What is Gynandrophore?

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What is the difference between Geitonogamy and Xenogamy ?

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What is the difference between Cleistogamy and Chasmogamy ?

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What is meant by PEN ?

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Siliqua is the characteristic fruit of which family?

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Differentiate alpha-taxonomy and omega-taxonomy ?

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What is the Botanical name of the plant yielding nuclear stain called 'Haematoxylin' ?

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Name the plant which yields Pyrethrum, an insecticide ?

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Epipetalous, Syngenesious, Hooded stamens found in which family ?

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Bicollateral vascular bundles, adnation of petioles were found in which family ?

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What is Tautonomy ?

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In cleared and stained root material you have seen structures that appear to be empty sacs in the epidermal cells with ostioles that exit to the soil. Which division are these fungi likely to be from?


what are the new agricultural techniques which can improve the production on agriculture?


How does crowding affect plants?


How does the electron transport chain work during the Calvin Cycle?


What was the first tree planted on the Earth?


How does overpopulation effect ecological balance?


Toxin X is released only in mature spores of a single fungus and only when both alleles at a single locus are present. The toxin is never observed when the alleles are together in hyphae or modified hyphae. What division is the fungus found in?


How do you measure the content of vitamins or iron in a plant ?


How does a cherry seed germinate?


What is 4-Hydroxy isoleucine?


where do plants get carbon from and where does the carbon go when plants die?


How can one merge two species of bamboo to create a new variety?


what is the chemical component of eggplant that stimulates the blood glucose level?


is viroid virus and why?


Fungi lack chlorophyll,than why they considered evolutionary more advance than algae?