Botany Interview Questions
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Difference between Purine and Pyrimidine?

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How to identify Heterochromatin and euchromatin ?

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What are plasmodesmata?

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What is the characteristic inflorescence of the family Asteraceae ?

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What is Gynandrophore?

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What is the difference between Geitonogamy and Xenogamy ?

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What is the difference between Cleistogamy and Chasmogamy ?

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What is meant by PEN ?

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Siliqua is the characteristic fruit of which family?

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Differentiate alpha-taxonomy and omega-taxonomy ?

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What is the Botanical name of the plant yielding nuclear stain called 'Haematoxylin' ?

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Name the plant which yields Pyrethrum, an insecticide ?

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Epipetalous, Syngenesious, Hooded stamens found in which family ?

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Bicollateral vascular bundles, adnation of petioles were found in which family ?

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What is Tautonomy ?

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what is the space filled with in between the cell membrane and the cell wall when the cell is plasmolysed ??


chlorophyll is soluble in?


Name the plants that glow in the dark?


what's the effect of dichlorodiphenyl trichloroethane on plants?


what is the application of induced auto ploypoidy in crop improvement ?


what are isoflavonoids and tanins?


what is Mineralcrisis?


How can a spectrophotometer be used to determine chlorophyll content?


What is the chemical process that takes place for leaves to change colour?


How does the microtome cambridge work?


How to take a poison from oleander?


Describe the unusual stamens in many members of the Ericaceae. What two corolla shapes are typical of the family?


How do carnivorous plants digest their food?


Explain the leaf anatomy of eucalyptus?


what is the role of auxins in floral bud development and fruit development?