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How to dsect parameter is used in bms?

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Specify the CICS command used to read a VSAM record starting with prefix ?F?. Code all the relevant options.

2 Answers   IBM,

How will you place cursor on a field called ?EMPNO?.

2 Answers  

when a task suspends all the handle conditions via the push command, how does the task reactivate all the handle conditions?

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What is Journal Recovery and Dynamic Transaction Backout?

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why we code ACCUM parameter in cics send time

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Name some common CICS service programs and explain their usage?

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Explain floating maps with illustration.

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Define cics interface block?

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Can ESDS files be accessed from CICS?

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What are the situations under which NEWCOPY is required ?

2 Answers   Cap Gemini, IBM,

Can you define multiple maps in a BMS mapset?

6 Answers   CTS,

Define an aey9 abend?

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