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how do u debug without using xpeditor ?

how do u debug without using xpeditor ?..

Answer / sekhar reddy

by using display statement along with cobol,cobol+db2 and compile the job and we check the valus in spool sysout this is calld manuval testing

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what is the difference between FB & FBA?

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Please send me the real time scenarios in Mainframe Project... i.e., it may be in banking or insurance sector or any other no problem..... please send your mails to

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name the vsam file in which the deletion is not possible.

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How many bytes does a s9(7) sign trailing separate field occupy ?

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suppose if you added a coloumn to db2 table, How would it be the Impact analysis?

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What is meant by comp-3 and what is it used for?

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In the procedure division stmt OPEN OUTPUT FILE1. Which of the following is not true about file1. a) there must be a select clause for this file in the file-control paragraph of environment division. b) There must be an FD entry in the file section of the data division. c) The file name must appear in a WRITE stmt in the procedure division. d) There?ll be a CLOSE stmt in procedure division.

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