How to Filter the Crystal reports?

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How to Filter the Crystal reports?..

Answer / suman

cryastal report -> report->Selection formula -> record
Then you can write code in which condition do u want to
filter your report.

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How to Filter the Crystal reports?..

Answer / swapna

To filter the reports we have to use ?Formulas?.
We can prepare the formulas with
(1) Field Explorer (Window) or
(2) Writing the code
Syntax for preparing the formulas:
{classname.FieldName}<operator> & value.

?{Employee.Emp_id}=? + value
?{Employee.Emp_name}=? + value + ??? (Strings to be in
single quotes)

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How to Filter the Crystal reports?..

Answer / tonmoy karim

crystalReportViewer1.ReportSource = sr;
="{salary_report.employee_id}=" + strEmpID + "";

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How to Filter the Crystal reports?..

Answer / rakesh r. gosalia

Can Also Use Selection Formulae in the Report Menu to
Filter the Crystal Report on Basis of the Field
e.g. Stores>10 (this will display the report for all stores
greater than 10)

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How to Filter the Crystal reports?..

Answer / vikas

we can filter the data using parameter also that can be
used in the Query and inside the report also .

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How to Filter the Crystal reports?..

Answer / elaiyaraja nallathambi

Answer 3 Will be the Best Option and its better not to
handle the Filter Criteria from the Report Side as it Slows
down the Performance.And its better to handle the Filter
criteria from the Query Side.

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How to Filter the Crystal reports?..

Answer / raju k

By using
Section expert
Writing the formula
By parameters creation
On different ways we can filter the report

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How to Filter the Crystal reports?..

Answer / surendra

Field Explorer (Window)

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How to Filter the Crystal reports?..

Answer / hemalatha

Yes as suman said,Click on Report Menu ->Edit Selection
Formula -> Record.Then we can give the filters

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How to Filter the Crystal reports?..

Answer / arvind gupta

Using Grouping and expert selection

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