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How do you filter the objects in the gui map?

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What are the features r there in winrunner 7.6 over winrunner 7.01..B'cos Iam using Winrunner 7.01

2 Answers  

If winrunner doesn't understand the Text in the Application what you do?

1 Answers   FCG,

how to upload an application in winrunner which we want to test

1 Answers  

What are the different modes of recording in winrunner?

0 Answers  

What is checkpoints?

1 Answers  

What is the function of eval function?

1 Answers   Accenture,

Data Driven test functions in WinRunner are Context sensitive functions or Analog functions?

3 Answers   FCG,

Does winrunner supports applications with environment Visualbasic 6.0 SQL server 2000.??

2 Answers   Redisolve, Visuals India,

how are virtual object configured

1 Answers  

How will you automate a test case?How will u find a IPconfig of an appln or a machine?

1 Answers   FIC,

How to recover the Parameter out of range error while running the script in verify mode

1 Answers  

How do you clear a gui map files?

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