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iSoft Interview Questions
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When should u feel that u can stop testing now?

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should we include risk in Test Plan

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how to retrieve the test data?

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Can you give me some DBCC command options?(Database consistency check) - DBCC CHECKDB - Ensures that tables in the db and the indexes are correctly linked.and DBCC CHECKALLOC - To check that all pages in a db are correctly allocated. DBCC SQLPERF - It gives report on current usage of transaction log in percentage. DBCC CHECKFILEGROUP - Checks all tables file group for any damage.


main difference between asp.net2.0,asp.net1.1,asp.net1.0

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What is the Difference between "printf" and "sprintf"?

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who will do impact analysis in testing?

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What is the difference bitween Client/Server Applications and Web Applicaions?

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what is difference between web application and client server application

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What is web.config. How many web.config files can be allowed to use in an application?

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what are generics? Without generics what are the disadvantages in 1.1?

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Briefly describe your ideal job? Why did you choose this career? What goals do you have in your career? How do you plan to achieve these goals? Can you work well under deadlines or pressure? Tell us about a time when you failed to meet a deadline. What were the repercussions? Why do you want to work here? Why should we hire you over the others waiting to be interviewed? What three Specific Job Positions do you target from the Company?

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Mapping the test cases with the requirement. What is this process called?

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what is cvs in testing

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How can we do the client side validation and Server side validations? But i told that At client side by with the help of validations control or by javascript? But I dont know about the Server side controls Explain?

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Un-Answered Questions

what are the reports used from business content in sap bw project?name them and what was the requirement?


What facility we get after CT secondary earthing and how?


why we transfer FA(full arc) to PA(partial arc) in steam turbine at specified load?


Hi am New to Automation Testing , any one can you help me what are the basic questiion are asked an interview?


How each of the following losses occur in d.c machines (i) copper (2)core (3) windage (4)friction please help me


what is the diff. bw separate database testers and manual testers with sql knowledge guys... iam confusing so much ,,in cmpny database testers are not working on manual..? both positions are same are not? explian clesly with example? thank u


how to print multi lay outs,muti currency,muti language in xml publisher


I Want randstand placement papers


LAPT working in alternator / generator


Your audit indicates that the corporate quality management system did NOT work as it should have. How should this finding be categorized? 1. Minor nonconformance 2. Major nonconformance 3. Deficiency 4. Observation 5. Catastrophic failure


can any one help in hawkeye and turnover or any change management system plzzzzz or send the documents to my mail id


How can Flume be used with HBase?


I am a civil Engineer consultant. On an item for example Rs.100, I am adding 4%WCT ie., Rs.4 and I am certifying the contractor bill for Rs.100.00 + Rs.4.00 = Total Rs.104.00. But my client is deducting 4% on Rs.104.00 ie., Rs. 4.16. So, finally contractor is losing Rs. 0.16 on Rs. 100 which amounts to lakhs on the project value. Can you please guide me on this? Santosh Kumar


what does the psychic phase do


how to solve cardinality in dbms...many to many ralationships


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